Telemechanics and Telemetry Systems

In 2014 we completed the development of our own OPC Server TECH104-DATAGATEWAY ver. 1.3 that solves issues with receiving data from different suppliers’ RTU devices and establishes their correct cooperation.

TECH104-DATAGATEWAY ver. 1.3 is designed to receive and transmit data from all types of RTU devices that support data transfer protocol IEC60870-5-104, and convert data for subsequent transmission to SCADA via OPC DA 2.5.

  • Allows to plug in up to 256 devices simultaneously;
  • Preserves the history of changes in tag values in MS SQL database, Oracle 11g;
  • Creates log files on a hard disk.

System requirements for PC:

  1. 4GB Memory;
  2. 500MB hard disk;
  3. OS WINDOWS XP, Windows 7 32bit/64bit;
  4. *MS SQL Express or higher version, Oracle 11g Express or higher (*if support for preserving the history of changes in tag values ​​in the database).

Requirements for RTU devices:

  1. Support for IEC60870-5-104;
  2. RTU device must have a static IP address on the public network or VPN INTERNET.

OPC Foundation Certification

OPC Server TECH104-DATAGATEWAY ver. 1.3 has been tested and certified by an independent OPC Foundation certification lab. 

OPC Certificate